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Why bet on a Corner Kicks?

corner_kicksWhen you’re betting on corner kicks in a match, you must know the style of play of the teams that are on the field very well.

You should know that the largest number of corner kicks there are in matches of offensive teams who are primarily focused on wing attacks. The more offensive teams are on the field, the more corner kicks there will be in it. The strong players on the wings bring almost guaranteed corner kicks.

You should also note the strong foot of each one of the flank players. When on the left-wing is playing a right-footed player, he probably won’t shoot the ball into a corner kick. When on the left-wing is playing a left-footed player, then his shots and crosses will be sharp and send into the corner kicks.

Another factor that you need to note is the size of the field. The smaller is the pitch – the more corner kicks will have in the game.

Example: In the home matches of Villarreal we can see a high number of corner kicks because their pitch has a very small footprint.

The Championship with the most corner kicks is the English League Championship.

The teams with a traditionally high number of corner kicks in their home matches are Arsenal, West Ham, Tottenham, Napoli, Juventus, Villarreal, Bayer Munich, and Borussia Dortmund.