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Why bet on a Cards?

yellow-cards2Betting on cards is entirely in the hands of the chief referee of each match.

You must accept the fact that this type of a bet doesn’t rely on your football knowledge because everything depends on the referee.

If you decide to bet on cards just follow and take a look at the referee statistics.

In this website, you can find complete information about the statistics of each professional referee.

In by applying a filter, you are able to see how the referee leads the domestic league games and how the international competitions.

Note that the British arbitrators don’t like to show cards when they lead matches from the Premier League, but when they lead a match of the World Cup or Champions League match – things look quite different.

The referees perform different criteria in different leagues and you must comply with it.

Most cards we can see in the games from Serie A and in those of the Spanish Primera Division.

We cannot see many cards in the games from the English Premier League as well as those of the German Bundesliga.

Referees who give a lot of cards: Nicola Rizzoli (Italy), June Chakra (Turkey), Carlos Velasco (Spain).